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You’re out for brunch with a friend and you get a notification to say you’ve just made $497, another mimosa please!

Or you’ve been up all night with your baby and wake up from a nap to another $497 in your account. So glad I don't have to go to work!

How good would that feel?

You could start your online digital marketing business TODAY, selling a 'done for you' course on auto-pilot. No experience needed, the experts have made it EASY and covered EVERYTHING you need to know so you can create a PASSIVE INCOME online, only working 1-2 hours a day.

Includes EVERYTHING you need to start a thriving digital marketing business in your spare time WITH NO EXPERIENCE

  • A comprehensive business, marketing, branding and automation course with 28 easy to follow modules, for COMPLETE BEGINNERS!
  • Complete ownership over this in-demand digital course - that's already hit multiple 7 figures in sales in just a matter of months!
  • For a ONE TIME FEE of $497 you can start selling this ‘DONE FOR YOU’ course, and with each sale you’ll be making 100% PROFIT. That's $497 straight in to your account for each sale!
  • Lifetime access to ongoing course updates & community support groups including the latest version, Roadmap 3.0
  • No monthly fees or hidden fees and NO UPSELLS!!

Start creating a PASSIVE income online selling digital products

Frequently Asked Questions?

So what exactly is the product?

This product has everything you need to start an online business from scratch. It is an extensive DONE FOR YOU digital marketing course for anyone wanting to sell digital products and make money online but doesn’t want to do all the heavy lifting of creating their own course! The course includes 28 in-depth modules, each with video tutorials and tools that take you through step by step as a complete beginner, to start your own business marketing and selling digital products.

How do I make 100% profit?

This is what Master Resell Rights means. When you purchase this course, not only will you benefit from the incredible and in-depth training it provides, you will also own the course outright and be able to sell it for 100% profit. So anytime someone purchases the course through you, 100% of the profit goes directly to you and not to a third party. You can resell this course to as many people as you want, making passive income without creating any of your own products. You can also sell it alongside any of your own products.

What do I receive with my purchase?

Scroll down this page and you will see a description overview of each module included in the course. You will receive the course itself (The Roadmap 3.0) as well as a free community of likeminded people with all experience levels ready to help you. There are also free live training calls you can join, run by the course creators themselves.

Are there any hidden fees or upsells?

No, you pay the $497 once and receive everything you need to get started. Absolutely no upsells or ongoing fees. When new versions and updates are released, you will gain access to all of these for free too! Your customers pay YOU directly, we never take a dime when you resell it.

Do I need to have any experience in online business or be tech savvy?

Absolutely not. Everything is taught step by step for complete beginners. No need to be tech savvy or have experience in online business. Everything is shown in simple, easy to follow video trainings you can pause, rewind, and speed up as you like. You don’t need any prior experience in digital marketing, this is the perfect way to learn.

Do I have to sell this digital product?

Nope, it’s purely your choice if you decide to sell it or not. If you don’t want to sell it, you can implement everything you learned from this detailed course into your own business. The course teaches you high income skills so you can make income online however you choose. The Roadmap 3.0 includes an in-depth module on how to create and host your own digital course and products should you wish to do that.

A little bit about me...

Hey, I'm Nat B. I grew up on a dairy farm in New Zealand (classic kiwi!) before following my career in fashion to Melbourne and London. I realised the city life really isn’t for me, I love the beach and warmer weather! I've now settled in the sunny Gold Coast where I met my partner not long after moving here. The stars have aligned, and we are extremely excited to welcome our first baby at the end of March!

As someone who has always been super independent, career driven and productive with my time, the concept of being on parental leave without any income – if I’m honest – it scares me! But spending my days with my little bundle of joy is extremely important. I've dreamed of this for so long! I want to be a present Mum and be there for all the special moments. She is already so loved!

I have watched other women and mums on social media making 5, 6 even 7 figures selling digital products and I’ve sat on the sidelines for too long! So now more than ever it just makes sense to earn a passive income online so I can be present with my baby, and help other women who have the same desires.

So if you’re looking for a way to enter the digital space as a complete beginner and start making a passive income online, this course is for you! I cannot wait to see where it takes you and I’ll be cheering you on!

See what our REAL Community Members Are Saying...

"In just 60 days I earned over $3000 - as a beginner"

"My journey with Roadmap 3.0's Digital Marketing course has been truly life-changing. I was stuck in a 9-5 job that left me feeling burned out, defeated, and missing out on life, unable to chase my dream of traveling the world. But this course changed everything for me. It taught me, a complete beginner, everything I needed to know about starting an online business and setting up the right foundation for long-term success. I am not very tech savvy nor have any experience in digital marketing prior so this was a perfect one-stop course for it all!

What's incredible is that in just 60 days, I earned over $3,000! This was beyond my wildest expectations as a beginner. I'm now on a path to even greater earnings, but the most amazing part is that this opportunity has given me the freedom to say goodbye to my 9-5 job. I can finally start my journey of exploring the world while building my business. Roadmap 3.0 has opened doors I've been praying for, and I'm so grateful for the creators of it!!"
- Anya K

" I have taken two other digital marketing courses and they do not compare!"

"I had no idea that Master Resell Rights even existed until I took this course! It has changed my life! This is a dream come true! I have taken two other digital marketing courses prior to this, and they do not compare! I have learned so much more information from this course, that I was never exposed to from other courses. The ability to brand the training as your own and download them to your own devices. Earn 100% Profit!!! Create your own website (and yes! this is covered in the training). No Upsells ever - You are locked in at your purchase price. When market value of course rises, you can resell at higher price, with no additional cost to you! You can only buy it once! In addition, I have an existing small business, that I am rebranding based on what I have learned from this course. This has been a true game changer for me. I feel it in my heart, that with this course, I am going to accomplish all my goals and be done with the 9-5 grind. Thank You so much for this great opportunity. Thank you for this blessing!"

- Denise C

"I'm currently explroing Costa Rica with no worries about money"

"Former nurse turned full time traveler + digital nomad. As I nurse I was depressed, over worked and out of touch with all of my true passions...

I started looking for ways to leave my job so that I could travel the world. The ONE THING I knew I really wanted to do.

I didn’t think I had any skills that could transfer to online work. I thought making money online was a scam.

After diving in to the roadmap I realised that making money online could be MY reality! It opened so many doors for me.

I am currently exploring Costa Rica with no worries about money (and Costa Rica is expensive!) My next destination is Colombia.

I am so thankful for transforming my life and I’m happier than I’ve ever been!!"

- Maya A

"This course has opened my eyes, I can see where I went wrong all those years"

"Hey guys! :) I'm Didi, a wife & mama to 2 from Australia. I started my online journey to wealth years ago and tried many different business models. I've taken multiple online trainings and truly believe in investing in yourself. This Roadmap course however has opened my eyes up the most to what is REALLY needed when starting ANY online business and can see where I went wrong all those years. I'm truly grateful to have come across this course and community. Wishing everyone much success!"

- Didi G

"Three months in and generated over $28,000"

"I purchased the Roadmap in September 2023 after looking for 2 years for a business model that really fitted my values. I'm a mum of three living on a working cattle station in Australia.

I started this business scared and as a total beginner. I had never sold a digital product before but I had a HUGE why, so I just jumped in. I am obsessed with the professionalism, support and amazing content within this course and I became the best student I could possibly be. I am now three months in and have generated an income of over $28,000. To say this has changed our life in a short time is an understatement!! Now, I just want to help others realise they can do this too!"

- Sal B

"I wish I found this earlier!"

"Single mum here! With Master Resell Rights, I have been able to set up systems to create multiple income streams and help others to do the same. I made my first sale within 24 hours of launching and another the following week. Stunning community to be a part of and I wish I found this earlier!"

- Hana-Lee K

What's Inside The Roadmap 3.0 Course?

MODULE 1: Diving into the World of Entrepreneurialism

In this module you will learn the key foundations & fundamentals of business & digital marketing. This is a great introduction, especially for beginners. You will learn the key principles of business, management, and strategy, as well as how to apply them in the context of digital marketing or any other business.

MODULE 2: Building a Solid Business Base

This module covers key topics in business strategy and operations, equipping you with the tools to create a strong and sustainable business foundation.

MODULE 3: Tailoring a Business to your Vision

This module will empower you to transform your entrepreneurial aspirations into a strategic reality as it delves into the art of aligning business objectives with personal vision, equipping participants with the tools and insights necessary to create a customised roadmap for success.

MODULE 4: From Idea to Market Ready Product

This module is designed to guide you through the entire product development journey, from conception to launch. It will help you navigate the intricacies of product ideation, design, prototyping, and market validation, ensuring you are well-equipped to bring your ideas to the market successfully!

MODULE 5: Branding Essentials

In this module you will learn how to develop and implement a strong branding strategy, and explore the art and science of crafting a compelling brand identity. You will delve into the core principles of brand strategy, storytelling and design; gaining the knowledge and skills needed to create a strong, memorable brand that resonates with your target audience.

MODULE 6: Introduction to Business Automation

This module explores the transformative power of streamlining processes and harnessing technology to enhance efficiency and productivity.

MODULE 7: Legal Documentation

This module covers a vital component for anyone in business to ensure their business, product, and customers are protected.

MODULE 8: Stan Store Training

The 'Stan Store' module introduces you to an innovative social media automation tool designed to automate and optimise your sales processes. You will learn how to harness the power of Stan Store for effective sales automation, from lead generation to customer engagement, ultimately driving business growth and efficiency.

MODULE 9: Build your Own Funnel with

This is an interactive and hands-on module that empowers you to create and optimise sales funnels using the powerful platform. You will gain the skills and knowledge needed to design and implement effective sales and marketing funnels, ultimately driving conversions and revenue for your business.

MODULE 10: Pre-Built Funnels with

This module is a practical guide that equips you with the expertise to effectively deploy and customise pre-designed sales funnels using the platform. This course enables you to streamline their marketing efforts, enhance user experiences, and achieve business objectives with ready-made, high-converting funnels.

MODULE 11: Using Stan Store and External Links together

In this module you will learn how to combine the powers of multiple automation systems together to leverage the expertise of each platform.

MODULE 12: How to Test a Funnel

This module is a brief overview of how to ensure your modules are optimised and functional for the best possible results.

MODULE 13: Email Marketing Mastery

An essential module that delves into the art and science of email marketing, providing you with the knowledge and strategies to create compelling, high-conversion email campaigns.

MODULE 14: Email Marketing with Stan Store

This module provides an in-depth exploration of leveraging automated email marketing through the Stan Store platform. You will gain the expertise to create and optimise email marketing campaigns, including flows and sequences, to enhance customer engagement and drive business growth in a streamlined and efficient manner.

MODULE 15: Email Marketing with

This is a comprehensive module that equips you with the skills and strategies to maximize the potential of email marketing through the platform. You will learn to design and implement effective email flows and marketing campaigns, harnessing automation to engage your audience and drive conversions, ultimately optimising your business's online presence.

MODULE 16: Blogging for Success

An in-depth module that equips you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to create and maintain a successful blog. You will explore content creation, SEO optimisation, and audience engagement strategies, ensuring you can leverage your blogs as powerful tools for personal and professional growth.

MODULE 17: Online Marketing and Content Strategies

This module offers a comprehensive overview of the digital marketing landscape, focusing on effective content creation and distribution through various social media channels. Participants will gain the expertise to develop content marketing strategies, maximise audience engagement, and harness the full potential of social media platforms to drive online success and achieve business objectives.

MODULE 18: Business and Content Optimization Tools

This module is designed to equip you with the skills and tools needed to streamline business processes and enhance content creation and management. You will explore cutting-edge solutions and strategies for improved productivity and content efficiency, ultimately helping you to foster business growth and success.

MODULE 19: Navigating Business Challenges

This module provides you with a strategic framework for understanding and addressing the multitude of obstacles that businesses encounter in today's dynamic environment. You will develop critical problem-solving and decision-making skills to tackle a wide range of challenges, from market disruptions to operational hurdles, fostering resilience and adaptability in the business landscape.

MODULE 20: Customer Service Excellence

This module is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional customer service to your prospects and customers. You will learn proven strategies for building strong customer relationships, resolving issues effectively, and exceeding customer expectations, ultimately driving customer loyalty and business success.

MODULE 21: Sustaining Business Momentum

This module offers an advanced study of strategies and tactics to maintain and grow business success over the long term. You will explore techniques for strategic planning, innovation, and market adaptation, ensuring that your businesses not only thrives in the present but continues to evolve and prosper in the future.

MODULE 22 - 26: Social Media

These modules cover the worlds most influential social media platforms Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. They cover their individual features and benefits, content creation, engagement, marketing strategies, personal branding and business growth tools. You will gain the knowledge and skills to create compelling content, build a strong online presence, connect with your target audience, drive engagement and navigate evolving trends for effective results in the dynamic landscape of social networking.

MODULE 27: Video Editing with Capcut

This is a practical module that equips you with the skills and techniques needed to create polished and engaging video content using the CapCut video editing software and app. You will learn how to navigate CapCut's features, from basic editing to advanced effects, enabling you to produce professional-quality videos for various purposes, from social media to presentations.

MODULE 28: How to Build your Own Course with Kajabi

This module includes a comprehensive guide that will empower you to create and launch your own online courses using the Kajabi platform. You will gain hands-on experience in designing, marketing, and managing your courses, allowing you to share your expertise and monetise your knowledge effectively in the digital landscape.




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